B. Regalado & Associates. And we love what we do: to help you in solving your tax questions, your concerns, your doubts. If you are an entrepeneur, investor, who has a proyect/ business and you need international tax advice, accounting advice and tax orientation, well.. Then we are your solution!

You are in love with your business project, and we are in love with what we do: to help you out!!


We are here to help, to solve your tax doubts and questions

We have a very simple idea in mind: Each individual is special and different.

Why, then, everyone is giving standard and boring impersonal solutions to specific problems and specific needs? Whether you are an entrepeneur with a new business project, or an existing international company, whether you have been on market for few or many years, we are sure you have doubts and questions.

Because nobody has done it so far, we decided to summarise the doubts and questions all customers have asked us when trying to start a relationship. This is fruit of our last 40 years sitting down with potential and real intenrational customers. Enjoy. Read here the FAQ and decide today if you want to meet us personally with us.

This can be the start of a great and passionate relationship!

History of our passion: to help you.

Mr. Benito Regalado is the founder of the company.

He is mercantile teacher, and auditor. His professional career began in the early 60´s, when he worked in several companies who provided their services in business management and administration.


In the 70´s he began his business career, as manager in several important local Canary Islands commercial business firms.

In the middle 80´s , Mr. Benito Regalado started his career as a professional tax advisor in the current Calle Castillo premises, here in Tenerife Island.


In the middle 90´s, Mr. Benito´s sons join the business, Jesús and Alberto Regalado.
Jesús Regalado is Bachellor in Business Administration and auditor. Alberto Regalado is Bachellor in Business Administration, and Law and Postgraduate by Esade University.


In 2001, the company buys an office in Adeje, located in the South of Tenerife Island, with the goal of providing a personalised service to the clients of the South of the Island.


In 2010 we opened our Madrid office.

In 2011 we enlarged our international cusotmers portfolio, providing legal , tax and accounting services to international companies of different countries, both in ZEC and in Zona Franca de Tenerife.


From 2011 to 2018 we consolidated our growth, providing solutions to local, national and international customers.


In 2019. We formalise the transition to the second generation of professionals, who have learnt the principiples of Mr. Benito and now we combine with technology, new generation and the new times.

We create B. Regalado & Asociados, S.L, BRAS. We face the future with a clear commercial vision, ambition, determination, but committed, as always, to our principles of quality and personalised sevice. And with the new times, come new technological challenges. New times, new solutions!

Would you like to be inspired by our passion by getting to know us, without commitment, in a first meeting?

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